Orange is known as a mobile telecoms service largely but it has grown into a company that offers a wide range of communications services including being an internet service provider and business communications networks.

In March 2010, the EU gave its approval for the combination of the UK businesses of Orange and T-Mobile. Together, the single company would have an aggregate 37 per cent of the UK market and 28.4 million customers. Other recent projects have included launching Microsoft Windows Phone Series handsets, offering a two-euro 2MB roaming tariff for data, interactive mobile advertising and mobile HD voice services, as well as adding in late 2009 support for the ubiquitous iPhone.

Orange did investigate acquiring the Project Kangaroo online TV broadcasting technology after Project Kangeroo was tripped up by regulators unhappy that the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 were developing an online video content technology for UK consumers together.

Vincent Kelly is CIO at Orange Business Services, created by the 2005 acquisition of Equant, it provides and IT infrastructure services including networks, IP telephony, telepresence videoconferencing, server management and remote working. Kelly has been driving costs out of the Orange Business Services division through setting up new offshore centres in Egypt and India.