The CIO Group of the DCSF advises the Department on matters related to adult learners and businesses as well as children and their families. Its big ambition is to support the Children's Plan to make England the best place for children and young people to grow up and learn.

The Department says its key deliverables include supplying a low-carbon infrastructure, information rights and records management, a fast route to intelligence and knowledge sharing, easy-to-use systems and a sound platform for compliance with data protection and other relevant laws.

As the DCSF states:

"Collaborative working at all levels is a fundamental requirement for a world-class delivery system. The seamless flow and sharing of information fuel, collaboration. Modern systems and technology make this possible and manageable. We are information rich yet despite substantial investments, out information is not yet used to the full nor is working practice keeping pace with the tools and techniques already available or bring introduced ... Our aim is to exploit information and related systems and technology to the full to optimise our efficiency, effectiveness and value for money including achieving a single-version of the truth and meeting near-real time standards."
The CIO Group is insistent that it is not just seen as a back-office service supplier:

"We should not be simply seen as just the ‘IT department' although there is no doubt that the desktop and other technical services we provide are very highly valued."

Instead, it wants to be viewed as "an integral enabling part of the DCSF business". For the 2009-2010 period, the Department sets as a "high priority" on "capability and capacity for IT service management involving complex supply chains".