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CIO Profile on Isle of Man Govt CTO Peter Clarke

The Isle of Man Government has a staff of 9000 who run all the public services on the island for its 80,000 citizens. It is a Crown Dependency, which means it governs itself and self-funds all public services. However many services, such as Health and policing have strong links with counterparts in the UK.

IT Leaders: Allan Paterson, IT director and Peter Clarke, CTO

In role since: Peter Clarke, 6 years

Reporting line: CTO-IT director-chief minister

Board level seat: In IoMG Government there are many boards, we work as a Shared Service and work with Departments thorugh Governance boards to deliver the required services

IT budget: OPEX is £14m gross CAPEX applies to Transformation projects

IT estate and or number of log on accounts under the control of the IT leader: Some 8000 users use technology to assist them in theior working life – many are working to shift patterns

Level of the workforce that relies on technology to carry out their tasks: 90 per cent

IT staff currently employed:  Directly 60 and indirectly, through the partnerships, +200

Split between in-house/outsourced staff: 1:4 in-house: outsourced staff.

IT management team and reporting structure: E-Business, Planning and Resources, Production Services, Technology. In line with the "titles" they have architects and change agents that interact with the Business through Governance boards, Programmes and Projects

Primary technology platforms at the organisation: Government has 1000+ Services ranging from Education , Health, Fire, Police services through to Infrastructure, [road, rail, water drainage], Registries, Economic Development, Commissions, Statutory boards and Regulators. The all use the common shared services such as email, internet, communications [fixed and mobile telephony], Finance, HR.

Primary technology suppliers:  Microsoft, CISCO, Unysis, HP, EMC, Manx Telecom

Significant strategic technology deals been struck in the last 12 months:  Unysis and EMC

Strategic aim of the CIO and IT operations for the next financial year:  To leverage the Hybrid Cloud platform and to deploy Business Transformation programmes faster

Technologies considered by the leader to offer their organisation potential: Cloud = Virtualisation at all layers of the infrastructure, Security, Server, Network, Desktop

Future transformation and technology vision for the organisation: Helping to collapse the sprawl of 1000+ Services through collaboration and focus - focus on the Business and Citizen Services not Departmental silo working methods