Household goods manufactured by Procter and Gamble (P&G) sells products in 180 countries to 4.4 billion consumers with global sales reported to be worth £51 billion. According to P&G 98 per cent of UK households own at least one P&G brand and the same picture is true at varying degrees across the world. Globally P&G is the largest consumer goods manufacturer.

In the UK P&G is the largest advertiser and all of you are well versed in its products, which include Lenor, Ariel, Fairy Liquid, Gillette, Pampers, Olay, Pringles crisps and Iams pet food.

Although a US firm, P&G is an important part of the British economy. There are manufacturing plants in Thurrock London, Manchester, Reading and Seaton Delaval; distribution centres in Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Thurrock and Skelmersdale; R&D facilities in Egham, Newcastle and Reading, a local head office in Weybridge and further offices in Harrogate and Newcastle. Across these 15 sites P&G employs 6000 people in the UK.

Dave Ubachs is CIO & Shared Services Manager for UK, Ireland & Scandinavia, which is part of the Global Business Services (GBS) division of P&G. Global Business Services is effectively a big company within a global giant that is tasked with delivering every conceivable requirement to the organisation so it can get on with its core business, manufacturing fast moving consumer goods. The Global Business Services business model is replicated across the P&G globe.

It’s a board level role and a discussion with Ubachs quickly reveals he relishes the challenges of a seat at the top table. A key tool in that fight is the Business Sphere, a business analytics service offered by GBS to P&G. CIO interviewed Ubachs in the Weybridge office Business Sphere. These rooms feature a bank of screen on each of three walls so that everyone in the room can view the graphics represented on the screens so that everyone can see information without having to leave the boardroom table. But there is more to the Business Sphere than a smart room with some snazzy technology, units within P&G using the Business Sphere also gain an analytics expert, one of whom CIO met. These experts interrogate data from within the business and buy information to inform debates.

“He is the chief business process officer, so he is a real value add for the organisation,” says Ade McCormack.

“He’s the new generation of infrastructure services manager and he makes it possible for teh business to operate very effectively,” says Richard Sykes.

“There are aspects of the utility part of being a CIO that he scores highly on,” Mike Altendorf adds.

Ubachs’ board level seat and role in ensuring that as the CIO he is offering critical services to the organisation placed him in the top quadrant of the CIO 100.

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CIO Profile: P&G's Dave Ubachs on providing global solutions