JCB is a British manufacturing success story, the company is famed and its products are seen the world over. There 18 factories around the world selling JCB excavators, engines and tractors to 150 countries. It remains a family owned company. JC Bamford founded the company in 1945, today the company is the third largest construction equipment maker in the world.

IT Leader: Tim Coles, Group Head of IT

In role since: Six years two months

Reporting line: Group CFO

Board level seat: No

IT budget:  Circa £25m

IT estate and or number of log on accounts under the control of the IT leader: Circa 5000 accounts globally, Brazil, US, UK, France, Germany, India, Russia and China + a few smaller sales offices

Level of the workforce that relies on technology to carry out their tasks: Over 90 per cent

IT staff currently employed: 120

Split between in-house/outsourced staff:  98 per cent internal

IT management team and reporting structure:  Six direct reports to me, plus 16 dotted line IT Managers around the Group.

Primary technology platforms at the organisation: SAP ERP

Primary technology suppliers: SAP, Siemens PLM, BT

Significant strategic technology deals been struck in the last 12 months: three main ones renewed SAP, Siemens and BT

Strategic aim of the CIO and IT operations for the next financial year: Virtualise, Centralise and to reduce costs.

Technologies considered by the leader to offer their organisation potential: Virtualisation of the back end, Unified Communications across the organisation, Gobal SAP single instance rollout, PLM integration, Master Data Management strategy, Social media and how it can benefit the company

Future transformation and technology vision for the organisation:  Being a global manufacturing company, technology is already changing the way we do business with our dealers and end customer. We have developed apps that initially allow end users to find our dealerships were ever they are in the world, but eventually will allow them do a lot more in the future