Domino’s Pizza is one of the largest fast food take away chains in the world, with 688 stores in the UK alone. Still owned by the parent company Domino’s Pizza in the US, the brand has turned global with restaurants in South Korea, the Netherlands and Belgium. It has over 20,000 UK employees and has a franchising system. This means that the business is constantly expanding and developing, with the introduction of new stores being opened.

The UK headquarters are based in Milton Keynes. Last year the company had profits of £42,156 million, an increase of around £4 million from the previous year. Domino’s was the first pizza delivery company to develop an ecommerce system whereby people could order a pizza via the internet. Other online and interactive developments include Android apps and ‘realtime’ pizza checker whereby a customer can track the location of their pizza prior to delivery.

IT leader: Colin Rees, IT Director.

In role since: September 2010.

Reporting line: CEO.

How often does the CIO meet with the CEO: Weekly.

Board level seat: Yes.

IT estate and or number of log on accounts under the control of the IT leader: 20,000 users.

Level of the workforce that relies on technology to carry out their tasks: Approximately 95% of the workforce.

IT staff currently employed: 45.

Split between in-house/outsourced staff: 75% in in-house using external staff where specialisms required or to handle peaks in demand.

IT management team and reporting structure: Five direct reports covering store operations, ecommerce and mobile systems, BI and data, IT services and support, and German operations.

Primary technology platforms at the organisation: Primarily its bespoke systems, Microsoft based with a small number of packages where appropriate such as our ePOS system is a package called PULSE.

Primary technology suppliers: Rackspace, Computercentre, Kcom, BT, Vexed Digital.

Significant strategic technology deals struck in the last 12 months: KCOM network provision, Rackspace for all system hosting, Computacentre for POS system installation.

Percentage of your applications/infrastructure run from the cloud: 5%.

Major technology or transformation project recently completed and how did it transform operations, customer experience or the organisation: Still in progress but the rollout of our new ePOS system has now reached 50% of the estate and is having a major impact on the operations within our stores.

Business transformation programme – beyond technology – that the CIO owns or is a major contributor to: I am owning the initiative for development of a company balanced scorecard and its introduction across the business.

Strategic aim of the CIO and IT operation for the next financial year: The strategic goal for the next financial year is to use technology as a strategic drivers in the business, for our franchisees that improving efficiency and reducing cost and for us its improving processes and driving our online experiences through innovation.

Strategy in the use by employees of their own technology, use of mobiles and how social networking is impacting operations, customer experiences or the organisation: Bring your own technology is just starting at Domino's and we have developed a very practical approach to it, iPads are probably having the biggest impact.

Strategy for dealing with shadow IT and BYOD including influence and engagement with executives, to place the right controls around employee choice: We take a practical approach and try and tackle the real issues around security and control, hopefully without being too sensitive about the subject. In the areas where demand is highest which for us its iPads, there are some simple easy solutions to the core issues.

Technologies being considered to enable transformation: Once of the most exciting areas at the moment is around telephony and the new capabilities and cost savings which come with the new technology. Cloud is also becoming more mainstream and I expect we will move more into the cloud over the next 12 months.

Transformational inspiration sources: Simple answer is everywhere, I spend a lot of time talking to our franchisees, the rest of the executive and of course from team members all across the business.