Keith Hopkinson has been with animal science leaders Genus for five years and sees the current move to mobility as the most drastic change to business CIOs have been involved in.

When did you start your current role?

Have you completed an MBA?
Cargill Business School accreditation

Order the following sources of advice/information by value to you:

  1. Peer Group
  2. In-house
  3. Analyst
  4. Consultant
  5. Vendors

Technology strategy and spending

What is the major transformational IT project that has been recently completed, or is underway at your organisation?
Mobile Working

What impact will it/does it have on the organisation?
The ability to allow Genus personnel to use applications and information on the move, in front of the customer, represents a major opportunity to increase employee productivity, improve customer service, and bring new products and services to the market.

What new strategic technology deals has your organisation struck and with whom?
MDM : Airwatch

Name your strategic technology suppliers?
Oracle, IBM, Microsoft

What is the IT budget?

IT operational spend compared to the revenue or company turnover as a percentage?

What is the strategic aim of the CIO and IT operations for the next financial year?
1. Mobile Working: develop new platforms for mobile working for both staff and customers
2. Business Intelligence: drive further use of BI within the business with both staff and customers
3. ERP: Develop plans to upgrade and expand single company ERP system to bring higher level of operational efficiency. Begin the programme of work.

Transformation achievements

Would you describe the CIO role as a transformation leader in your organisation?
Absolutely yes - both in terms of IT directly: mobile working, systems and processes, but also outside of IT: providing leadership in areas such as supply chain and procurement.

Describe the transformations you have led / been involved in, how did they transform operations, customer experience or the organisation?
- Led move to mobile working enabling Genus personnel to transact in real time in front of the customer. This has improved customer experience, improved efficiencies, and allowed IT to be used in new, innovative, value adding ways.
- Provided thought leadership, steering input, and IT resources, to transform the company supply chain from production-push to demand-pull. This has improved delivery performance, reduced inventory and storage costs, and is improving margin and sales.

Beyond technology, can you describe a business transformation programme that you own or contribute to?
Supply Chain - As stated above
Procurement - Led global procurement spend analysis project, identifying improvement and cost saving opportunities. Led travel procurement project in North America and the UK.

What key technologies are being considered to enable transformation?
Mobile Working.
Applications: CRM/ERP

What percentage of your applications / infrastructure is run from the Cloud?

How is the use by employees of their own technology, use of mobiles and social networking impacting operations, customer experiences or the organisation at present?
This is not an issue at present as we have sought to embrace and encourage use of technology and new ways of working within, rather than outside, the corporate environment.

Do you have a plan in place for how to deal with shadow IT and BYOD. How do you influence and engage executives, place the right controls around employee choice and engage with the organisation on this issue?
By continuing to adopt new technologies and devices within the business, we have avoided a build-up of desire for BYOD. This has greatly improved our ability to control the environment for development of new applications, new devices and ways of working.

Where do you seek transformational inspiration from?
Discussions within IT and the wider business, reading articles, and attending events such as the CIO Summit to talk with fellow CIOs.

The CIO role in the business

Who do they report to?

Does the CIO have a seat on the board?

How often do you meet with the CEO?

Does your organisation have a digital leader and what is the difference in their responsibilities to yours?
No, the CIO is the digital leader.

The IT department

How many staff make up the IT team?(What is the split between in-house/outsourced staff)
36 in in-house team. Outsourced functions account for 50% of IT operational spend.

Describe the CIO’s management team, do you have direct reports that develop the relationship and services between the business and IT?
I have four direct reports, covering applications, infrastructure, support and knowledge management. Each divisional COO in the company has one of my direct reports with a dotted reporting line, working as part of their operational leadership team, seeking new ways of using IT within the business.

How many log-in accounts do you issue across you organisation?

What is the primary technology platform?
Oracle ERP