JCB Group Head of IT Tim Coles is responsible for the enterprise technology supporting the Staffordshire-based construction, demolition and agricultural vehicles manufacturer. Founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford, now Lord Bamford, it is the third-largest construction equipment in the world producing more than 300 types of machine with an annual revenue of almost £3 billion.

Job Title
Group Head of IT

When did you start your current role?

What is your reporting line?

Do you meet with and discuss business strategy with the CEO every week?

Are you a member of the board of directors?

What other executive boards do you sit on?
CRM Strategy Team

Does your organisation have a CDO?

What different responsibilities does the CDO have?
The Group Digital Manager was moved from the Marketing some two years ago, joining the IT Innovation Team. The IT Innovation Manager reports directly to me, ensuring all company strategies are aligned.

What non-technology responsibilities do you have in the organisation?
General business process improvement and Master Data Management around the Group.

How many employees does your organisation have?

Does your organisation carry out significant trade in the EU?

What number of users does your department supply services to?

How do you ensure that you have a good understanding of your business and how your customers use your business's products?
Our own IT Strategy forms part of the Business strategy. We also have regular review meetings with most of the Group Exec Members, making sure we are fully aligned with current business direction. To obtain end user feedback, we hold a global Customer Satisfaction Survey with the entire company, and year on year the satisfaction in improving.

JCB technology strategy and agenda

Is your organisation being disrupted by the internet, mobility or technology oriented start-ups?

Are you empowered by your organisation to disrupt from the inside?

What major transformation project has been recently completed, or is underway at your organisation?
The most recent large scale project delivered by Group IT, our biggest yet, was the implementation of SAP across our entire Aftermarket and Warranty business.

What impact will the above transformation have on your organisation?
This implementation now provides real time global parts availability 'at a flick of a switch'.

What key technologies do you consider enable transformation?

Are you increasing the number of cloud applications or infrastructure in use at your organisation?

What is your information and data analytics vision for the organisation?
We reviewed several different options for BI within the company, finally deciding to opt for our own internally written agile code. We are now providing right information, to right people, at the right time across the business.

How is mobile and social networking impacting operations and customer experience?
We have been using mobile systems for many years, this is nothing new to JCB. We also have a Social Networking team reviewing the impact of social media, both good and bad.

Describe your strategic vision towards shadow IT and BYOD. How do you influence and engage executives and employees around choice?
Shadow IT very rarely appears today at JCB, it is well known that we have one goal, and we all work together to achieve it. We have a very clear global BYOD policy - we don't allow it.

What strategic technology deals have been struck and with whom?
We are very much focused on delivery at the moment in JCB, and we have delivered some very large projects globally, primarily using SAP, Siemens and In-House development.

Who are your main suppliers?
SAP, Siemens, BT

JCB IT security and budget

Has your organisation detected a cyber intrusion in the last 12 months?

Has cyber-security risen up your management agenda?

Does your organisation understand the potential cyber-security threats it faces?

Has this led to an increase in your security budget?

What is the strategic aim of the CIO and IT operations for the next financial year?
Our Vision -
2018 - Best in Class IT Systems and Business Processes
Reduced number of IT Systems, that are:
Agile, Usable, Global and Innovative

360 View of the Customer -
Capture all customer information into one database
Evolve our CRM processes:
to find more, win more and keep more customers

Global Business and Customer systems
Global roll-out of SAP, PLM, CRM and MES
Common look and feel, available through a single portal

Turning Data into Information -
Real time performance tracked against group targets
Provide the right information, to right people, at the right time

Are you finding it difficult to recruit the talent you need to drive transformation?

Has recruitment and retention risen up your agenda as a CIO?

Are you looking for recruits in the EU to fill the skills shortage you have?

Does your IT organisation operate an apprenticeship scheme

JCB technology department

How would you describe your leadership style?
I am very much a 'peoples' person'. I have two ears and one mouth, and pride myself in being able to listen and encourage people to talk, rather than talking over people.

Explain how you’ve supported and developed your senior leadership team to support your overall objectives and vision?
We have a shared Vision for Group IT, that all my first line reports have had input to.

How many employees are in your IT team?

What is the split between in-house/outsourced staff?
All 130 are FTEs

Does your team include key skilled workers from the EU?