Reckitt Benckiser CIO Darrell Stein is going about creating a data mind-set where data is an asset to add value to the Slough-based global FMCG giant, whose product list includes 'powerbrands' Nurofen, Dettol, Durex, Stepsils, Cillit and Vanish.

How are you influencing the products, experience and services your organisation offers to its customers
Was R&D, now IS & RD co-developing connected products.

How as CIO have you affected cultural change and / or behaviour in your organisation and to what extent?
Creation of a data mind-set where data is an asset.

Describe how you have used organisational and third party information to provide insight that has benefited your organisation, its customers and products or services
It has been less about new data more about combining data sets together which as added the most signifacnt value.

Describe how you organise and operate IT and how this aligns effectively with business strategy and operations
Small central function and the remainder are embedded into business functions

Describe your role in the development of digital strategy in your organisation
Co developed the Conencetd Company Strategy with CMO

Describe how you use and promote technology to redesign the processes, services and organisational structures of your organisation to enable it to become more efficient and customer-focused
Digitilisastion Agenda, selecting one task per quarter

How do you bring the organisation together to explore and discuss technology and its challenges and to develop stronger alignment of the technology function with the full business?
Co-Conference in India with key suppliers - joint attendee with marketing to events.

Describe how you keep up to date with developments in technology and IT management e.g horizon scanning, technology strategy workshops, involvement in industry events and bodies.
Social Media, Scan & Scale approach through digital team.

Provide an example of how you have developed the diversity and improved the culture of your team Implementation of corporate global diversity programme.

Are you investigating, tracking or experimenting with: Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence; Data Analytics; NoSQL; wearable technology; Enterprise Apps; Internet of Things; Automation and Robotics; Artificial Intelligence; 3D Printing; the Sharing Economy; Anything else?
Yes, data analytics (linking seasonlaity predicatbility to media spend), IOT new products.

Describe your sourcing strategy and your strategic suppliers
Consolidated in commodity from 100 to 1

Describe the technology innovations that you have introduced in the last year and what they have enabled
Connected products, Connected Data (Revenue Growth), Connected Teams (Collabration across a fragmented org), Connected Sales (linking sales force to Customer & HQ)

What strategic technology deals have been struck and with whom? What uniquely do they bring?
First global deal to provide analytics, AWS Hosting

How do you rank the following as sources for innovative technology suppliers:
1. CIO peers
2. Analyst houses
3. Consultants
4. Industry body
5. Media

Has your organisation detected a cyber intrusion in the last 12 months?

When did you start your current role?

What is your reporting line?

Are you a member of the board of directors?

How much of your IT budget is capital and how much revenue?
85% revenue

What percentage of your budget is spent on:
IT operational spend (“keeping the lights on”) - 70%
New developments (innovation) - 30%

What number of users does your department supply services to?

Are you finding it difficult to recruit the talent you need to drive transformation?

Has recruitment and retention risen up your agenda as a CIO?

Does your IT organisation operate an apprenticeship scheme?

How many employees are there in your IT team?

Are you increasing your headcount to bring skills and the ability to react to needs in-house?

What is the split between in-house/outsourced staff?