A serial high-achiever in the CIO 100, Phil Jordan is deserving of his place in the 2016 list as he continues to steer his communications giant through its own industrial revolution, writes CIO 100 judge Mark Chillingworth.

The CIO continues to make an enormous and complex business more simple and efficient for both customers and employees.

Telefonica CIO Phil Jordan faces the challenge of a sector that has become commoditised by technology, so has to lead a technology strategy that is enabling Telefonica to thrive. The CIO recently explained how as Global CIO that means continually working to simplify the business. Jordan said that customers are unaware of the cost of operating a network business and that the challenge is to create valuable products that engage and entice customers to pay a premium.

As a global CIO Jordan has a distinct challenge of working across economies that are travelling at very different speeds. Telefonica is a major player in the Latin American economy where voice services are still in high demand. In Europe data services are in high demand and Jordan said the organisation is already seeing the Internet of Things become a significant opportunity for Telefonica.

Jordan speaks passionately about the need for his team to become champions at digital customer service, whilst IT teams in telecoms have in the past focused on engineering excellence.