Former CIO 100 leader Stephen Kneebone remains one of our top 100 most transformative CIOs due to the way he continues to bring innovation to the automotive industry, writes CIO 100 panel judge Mark Chillingworth.

Nissan remains one of the few true innovators in the car manufacturing space, reaping the rewards with successful sales numbers of new models, increased plant efficiency, and a nimble move into new areas such electric cars. A large part of this is its CIO, Stephen Kneebone.

Kneebone was voted number one in the CIO 100 in 2014 for his role in embedding technology and marketing at an international automotive organisation. The British CIO has continued to rationalise the technology estate and to ensure greater agility and economies from its tech stacks.

Cloud and software-as-a-service tools, including Workday HR have been adopted. Kneebone has to ensure he and his team are always able to support one of the most aggressively innovative organisations in the automotive industry.

Nissan has pushed electric vehicle production further than any of its rivals while at the same time seeing its UK manufactured Qashqai model become the highest volume produced vehicle ever manufactured in Europe.