As CIO of the Barclays Group Security Function Elena Kvochko is establishing a holistic defence approach that rests on adequate cyber hygiene, physical and cyber security controls, running on common datasets, and work alongside law enforcement entities and other industry stakeholders. It has increased organisational efficiency, closed coordination gaps, provided better visibility, eliminated duplication and enhanced resilience.

Barclays became the first global financial institution to focus on Holistic Security which redefines conventional approaches to cybersecurity and comprises cyber and physical security, as well as intelligence, investigations, and resilience. Kvochko believes that this model can benefit other organisations that are reconsidering legacy technology and security models. She said that an integrated security function covers the business environment and allows more visibility into normal and abnormal activities. It adapts security strategy to the current digital environment in order to bring innovation to the next level in the safest way possible and promote the benefits of secure business to all our clients, employees, and stakeholders. "Security by design" has become a core part of the processes at Barclays.

Full name
Elena Kvochko

Job title
CIO, group security division

Company name
Barclays Bank