Andrew Quail, Director of IT and Innovation at gas distribution company SGN, is responsible not just for IT but also for embedding an innovative culture at the business.

Among the 70 or so projects his innovations team has on the go are an advanced gas detection pilot to remotely capture gas readings via a probe left at a potential gas leak site, and the automation of information relating to gas pressure to ensure that gas appliances and gas flow are safe and secure. His team has also been implementing a real-time network that uses IoT technology to monitor pressure, weather data, flow data and customer consumption.

He has leveraged SGN's strength in in-pipe repair robotics technology to win regulator funding for a robotic roadworks and excavation system to improve street works in the UK. If successful, it will benefit all utility companies with underground assets and their customers.

And that's just Quail with his leading-edge robotics hat on. He is also part way through delivering an all-in cloud strategy, completely rebuilding 75 business services, some of which are emergency-critical, to the public cloud. The migration is improving security, durability and agility, and reducing total expenditure, and will underpin his pursuit of robotics and real-time, sensor-based analysis and management of the gas network.

Under Quail, change delivery has been transformed, moving on from a 'keep the lights on' model to lean, agile and business-owned change streams. The result has been change delivered faster, cheaper and better for the business.