The utilities sector is heavily pressurised on cost and innovation, and British Gas CIO Ash Jokhoo knows that the introduction of new technologies is essential if the business is to remain relevant to customers.

One of Jokhoo's key objectives has therefore been to shift customer service to match the expectations of the modern world. The past 12 months have seen the delivery of agent webchat and AI bot-led FAQs, and the release and driving of further skills on Alexa. Online-only tariffs have also been instrumental in helping keep costs down.

The objectives of Jokhoo's initiatives are always the same: to deliver cost-effective, customer-led interactions that will drive positive, frictionless experiences. His experience of upgrading CRM and billing in Ireland in 2017 went smoothly, helping to set up the digital strategy there for the next few years.

Jokhoo has also been pushing and actively exploring augmented reality and virtual help across the engineering and contact centre teams. The technology teams have been working on business problems to enable benefits and faster learning.