Charles Ewen, Met Office Director of Technology and CIO, has been making the tech weather by introducing an organisational-wide transformation programme.

His change portfolio is slated to deliver significant financial efficiencies and equip the organisation to thrive over the coming decade. He is taking a consolidated approach to R&D in the wider organisation with an Informatics Lab. While its outcomes are typically prototype, it has already achieved significant production benefits, including high-performance computing in the cloud and serverless computing at scale.

As well as the long-range transformation programme, Ewen's team has been able to capture short-term gains. In 2017, an application lifecycle management project transformed the Met Office approach to code and release management by adopting a more effective DevOps model. And an enterprise-wide TimeWatch project has generated management information to drive ongoing efficiency across the organisation.

He also pushed through a Public Weather Media Service, which offers APIs to licensed broadcasters in the UK to access the Met Office's free-to-use data, content and information. And a HeliBrief project has improved the performance of helicopters onshore and offshore for safe operation in defence and civil environments.

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