As CIO of The Telegraph newspaper, a highly digital organisation, Chris Taylor does not have to drive digital adoption and literacy. Instead, he's in a second wave of digital optimisation, targeting the adoption of next-generation techniques and practices to optimise digital product development and delivery.

His 2017 achievements include delivering a flexible digital publishing workflow using custom integrations between Slack, Trello and the organisation's CMS, and deploying AI for content recommendations both for journalists during the authoring process and readers. The core newspaper production systems were upgraded to make page layout outsourcing possible, reducing costs.

His containerisation of the AWS cloud infrastructure estate also brought significant cost reductions – the enterprise's tech ecosystem is more than 75% cloud. His migration of the website (with its 100 million unique users a month) to Adobe managed hosting services completed the SaaS transformation of the business's prime consumer asset.

And he has made the digital teams full-stack and full-service under a single head of technology rather than virtual teams of specialists drawn from different part of the organisation. These hybrid-by-design teams mirror the approach of startups and are designed to reduce corporate friction and boost output and agility.