Over the past 12 months, much of the work of Claire Priestley, Director of IT at City University, has been about enabling the future integration, quality, security, compliance and availability of data, to create a sound platform for a digital agenda. A new information assurance pillar has now been completed.

She has embarked on a set of initiatives to counter cybersecurity threats, including technology trials and proofs of concept, enhanced denial of service and malware protection, and the setup of an ISMS-based security program. She also found a way to harness the support of City's extensive user community against cyber threats by launching a tool equipped with a phishing simulator, reporter, triage and intelligence, and embedded a reporting icon in every user's email toolbar that allows a phishing attack to be reported in a single click.

The student experience has also been enhanced with the launch of a mobile and web-based app to help students and staff navigate the complex five-site 23-building university campus. Students (many of whom are new not just to London but also the UK) can get transport information and directions from wherever they live, right to the teaching space where their next lecture is.

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