Dan Fiehn, Director of Group IT at insurer Markerstudy, has driven the digital agenda in a sector where many companies face a large technology gap amid the harsh realities of maintaining ageing systems to run their operations.

His critical strategic initiatives during 2017 included scaling an essential digital transformation. Fiehn leveraged cloud-based technologies to upscale an in-vehicle telematics driver safety programme that continues to add over 1,000 new car connections a month. The huge volumes of structured and unstructured video data ingested are enriched, analysed and visualised back to Markerstudy's car fleet customers, allowing them to cut their premiums through improvements in driver behaviour as a result of real-time monitoring and audible alerts.

Also last year, Fiehn eliminated the huge logistical admin and forward planning required to change product pricing by introducing an insurer-hosted rating platform that immediately updates pricing and makes it available to all sales channels. The company is now processing 50 million unique insurance quotes a day online. Not only has this generated vast datasets, but it has also driven analytics at Markerstudy. Data that would have previously taken days to process can now be visualised in minutes, leading to a big improvement in insurance loss ratios and a marked reduction in fraud due to intelligent screening at the point of sale.

Finally, by combining machine learning with predictive artificial intelligence, he built a personalised ratings model for personal customers that intelligently prioritised new business leads based on their algorithmic likelihood to be converted to an insurance quote. The resulting conversion boost was staggering, persuading the business to extend the platform's use to determine the premium sweet spot for each individual customer and apply this to policy renewal invitations. Again, the results have been magnificent.