Daniela Weber, Chief Information Officer at contraception and safe abortion provider Marie Stopes International, has been turning a heavily federated organisation into a global operation with common policies, processes and tools, by implementing a collaboration platform across 37 country programmes and support offices.

Her team has migrated separate local email systems to an Office 365 platform, implemented tools such as Skype, OneDrive and Groups, and unveiled a global SharePoint-based intranet. As well as efficiency gains, the single platform has improved collaboration internationally, and driven speed and quality in co-created documents such as proposals and policies.

Another Weber rollout has been a global fleet management system that not only allows MSI to track and improve driver safety and fleet cost, but also provides data that helps improve effectiveness. For example, the time and place of presence of mobile outreach teams can now be overlaid with service data and demographic information, which helps decision-making about where and when to direct teams.

This year she will be introducing mobile digital tools for field-based service providers, and CRM solutions for the client contact centres. The goal is to create a continuum of care that can provide clients with information, refer them to service provision points, track service provision and quality, and improve follow-up.