Dave Roberts, Chief Information Officer for Radius Payment Solutions, has used digital to add competitive edge to the payment and fleet services company's core telematics product over the past 12 months.

Driver ID was just one of the new capabilities delivered by his telematics leveraging in 2017. Another was an app that allows drivers to perform safety and maintenance checks on their vehicles. Company car fleet managers can customise the questions and get immediate text and email alerts for any vehicle issues that require attention. This solution has replaced old, slow and inflexible paper-based systems.

And with legal changes in the UK putting further pressure on fleet managers to take responsibility for their drivers, Roberts initiated an advanced driver safety project to improve on existing solutions for monitoring driver behaviour that were widely regarded as unrealistic in their assessments. His team took a more rigorous and scientific approach to tuning the driver behaviour algorithm, and analysed large data sets to provide contextual information for a near real-time assessment of driver behaviour.

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, at Radius the IT function carried out controlled tests on a range of vehicle classes to reflect the varied make-up of a company car fleet. Scenarios such as roundabouts, emergency stops and junctions were created, with readings taken from independent sensors and telematics units. The testing allowed a more direct calibration of the scoring algorithms, without having to infer settings based on aggregate fleet behaviour. The resulting product has helped drive significant value across the business.

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