At the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), CIO and Head of IT transformation David Moore has managed to get the organisation over some forbiddingly tall security hurdles to embrace a public cloud infrastructure.

To exit a shared IT services contract and shared IT infrastructure that constrains the business and lacks agility and pace of change, he decided as a first step to transition to Azure. Overcoming the security challenges posed by NNL being a key nuclear industry player involved him in educating stakeholders in the risks of a move to public cloud and the precautions required.

The move has already delivered improved customer experience and support, and Moore expects a step-change in bringing the business and IT closer when NNL exits its current sourcing arrangements. He's already looking forward to exploiting the underpinning cloud move in 2018 with a complete overhaul of the ERP system and the launch of a digital workplace programme to transform how the business finds, shares and creates information and collaborates securely and efficiently.

Moore aims to put digital technologies at the core of the organisation. The past 12 months have seen him prepare for the introduction of sensors into nuclear facilities so that operators can manage and control them better. A data analytics and business intelligence capability is also under development to allow the visualisation of a new type of data to help improve the operation of critical facilities and assets.