Chief Information Officer Duncan Stott fronted a IT transformation at construction company Kier. Stott and his team replaced a haphazard ICT legacy with an evergreen, standardised, integrated platform that lays the next-generation foundation for growth.

Among Stott's wins in 2017 were the completion of a company-wide ERP project, the rollout of new business systems for the operating units, the consolidation of all 10 data centres to the cloud, and the deployment of Office 365.

The Oracle ERP has consolidated and improved financial processing, allowing data to be cleansed, suppliers rationalised and accuracy improved. The new business systems have standardised business processes, enabling Kier to accelerate growth, identify best practice from the best-performing contracts and optimise processes. And the data centre consolidation in the cloud brings security, efficiency and resilience benefits.

Now Stott is busily at work with his department working on deploying voice-activated Alexa into purpose-built homes to deliver digital smart homes. The ERP and systems rollout has created an opportunity to harness big data. And initiatives are under way to analyse the entire supplier base to provide visibility and transparency for decision-making, driving margin, reducing project risk and improving safety.