Fiona Humphreys, Chief Information Officer for catering company Compass UK & Ireland, like many of her CIO peers may not always have the bandwidth and niche expertise in-house to deliver IT at the expanding rate required to grow business value - but what she did have was the wisdom and vision to know what the tech department needed to focus on.

With her team Humphreys has been moving the core enterprise ERP systems and their component solutions from on-premise to cloud-based services. The obvious benefits include scalability, security and greater financial control and cost visibility, but it has also freed up time for IT to focus on the things that will ultimately grow the business.

The use of cloud services has changed the way people work in the organisation. Humphreys sees a cloud-based transformation as delivering further rationalisation, security and compliance, unlocking the true power behind data and consumer insight, and putting the internal IT organisation into a position of strength and sustainability. She intends to lead a strategy of empowerment, focused on the future that the overall business growth strategy demands.