With CYBG (a holding company for Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank and app-based bank B) demerging from National Australia Bank in February 2016, Fraser Ingram, its CIO and innovation and change director, has spent much of the past 12 months on the technical separation of the spin-off's systems from NAB. During 2017 his team successfully transitioned 22 of 29 transitional service agreements on time and in budget, and CYBG is on course to be fully independent operationally by the end of 2018.

Ingram used the need to set up CYBG's own enterprise solutions as a catalyst for change, offering a unique opportunity to redesign and modernise. For example, the HR system is cloud-based and the treasury solution will greatly simplify the IT architecture. Work also continued throughout the year to build out CYBG's own banking platform, with all customers across the bank's three brands migrated from old mobile applications to the new platform. Ingram is currently moving internet banking onto the platform and will continue with the migration of the telephony centres. The ultimate aim is to offer a true omnichannel experience, where customers and colleagues can interact seamlessly across any channel.

Despite the focus on developing standalone banking systems, Ingram has found time to drive modernisation and digitisation through the organisation with a digital-first approach. He has stabilised previously challenged data areas, underpinning the bank's goal of achieving accreditation for an internal ratings-based system that will allow it to grow business without drastically increasing underlying capital.