Deciding to embark on digital transformation, international relocation and shipping services provider Santa Fe Relocation appointed Graeme Howard as its Chief Information Officer at the start of 2017 to make the great work happen.

He has had plenty to do. Most major development activities had been entirely outsourced to professional services suppliers, leaving the internal technology team isolated from the business and the new technology, and concentrating on support for the legacy platforms. Howard has completely rebuilt the function, which is now responsible for enterprise architecture, data management, service delivery, project management, change management and business analysis. The IT department now owns the platforms being designed and developed.

Phase one of his massive project to retire 27 legacy platforms and migrate to a single Salesforce instance for sales and services has just been completed. Outputs already include a new standard console for front-line staff, giving Santa Fe a single view of all activities and services in play globally, along with a whole host of management information never before available.

Howard and his team have created and launched new digital portals, laying down the first level of customer self-service and tracking. This has allowed a move away from lengthy email exchanges and phone conversations with customers, and vastly improved the accuracy of complex data and spellings.

Howard's new Agile methodology has seen the development of a configure/price/quote tool that will support a single pricing solution across the entire company for all services. Created in just two three-week sprints, it has already demonstrated true business cost savings and represents a key milestone in enabling real-time end-user pricing via portal or web.