Historically, technology and service provision at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has been outsourced to large providers on long-term contracts. Recognising that digitally enabled organisations needed a greater degree of flexibility, James Munson, director of digital services and technology, has brought these services in-house over the past 12 months, with multiple vendors on shorter contracts, and giving the DVSA control over technology services, data and architecture.

Through load balancing, scaling and architecture changes, Munson has made big cuts to the costs of the AWS-hosted MoT service platform. They also introduced an MOT reminders by email and text service, which has seen rapid take-up.

He has led the adoption of a product-based approach to national services, with project and continuous improvement backlogs defined and prioritised by business services. It helps drive project planning on the basis of capital budgets and strategic objectives, and allows a focused approach to be taken to dealing with pressure on resources, with decisions being made on capability and capacity rather than just financial availability.