With a hefty portfolio stacked with food and drink, cleaning agents and personal care products, sold in every corner of the planet, Unilever is a massive company with a long tail of legacy systems and processes. In this context, the success of its Chief Information Officer Jane Moran and her team in strengthening systems and deploying new digital tools and technology platforms is particularly eye-catching.

Over the past year the consumer goods company with more than 100,000 non-factory workers has completed its Office 365 migration, begun the shift to cloud services with major initiatives with Microsoft Azure and AWS, decommissioned a large part of the legacy estate, and deployed key "keep the environment" programmes to ensure resiliency. She has helped reduce IT's complexity, increased its scalability, lowered its total cost of ownership, and accelerated innovation time to delivery. Her department showed itself capable of delivering secure and high-performing technology at scale with an uptime of over 99.9% in 2017.

As CIO Moran has worked closely with other strategic partners including SAP, Accenture, Adobe, Anaplan and Blue Prism to streamline process, deliver digital services and realise Unilever's business goals by helping move from a project-oriented to a platform-based culture.

And she is helping facilitate technology innovation to Unilever, with initiatives involving AI, chatbots, the Internet of Things, advanced analytics, blockchain and robotic process automation among those the organisation is horizon scanning to deliver at scale.