Recognising that Horizon Nuclear Power's local IT operations model using in-house resources was inefficient and did not enable the business to self-serve, Head of IT John Fenwick outsourced it. Doing so captured the benefits of automation, lean process improvement and predictive analysis through real-time monitoring for the company. The move also IT-enabled the company's £15bn project to construct a new nuclear power station.

Fenwick spent 2017 transitioning to a new IT supply chain, and implemented a number of transformational initiatives that have improved the business's capabilities. He built innovation into the contracts for the new IT supply chain. With over 20 initiatives delivered to date and business realisation benefits captured, the Horizon executive team now see IT as a strategic and trusted adviser to the business.

An information management and collaboration infrastructure is in place that can support enterprise-wide systems. An agile and business-aware IT function has brought about the adoption of new digital channels and integrated services, and a big improvement in first-time fix.

He also leveraged expert digital skills to accelerate project progress, with such innovations as augmented and virtual reality. In a nuclear power plant project, visualisation is a tool that helps engage not only investors and locals, but also engineers.