During the past 12 months, cruise company Carnival UK's senior vice president and CIO Jon Wood has initiated two cloud-based digital programmes and shifted to an Agile methodology for delivery.

The first programme was the migration of the legacy cruise website to Hybris to enhance contextualisation and personalisation. The second was the introduction of a platform to enable a web booking channel that could drive customer acquisition and conversion. It has not only increased revenue but also reduced the cost of sale. Both digital initiatives provide a seamless guest experience and have introduced a DevOps approach to continuous improvement.

His other notable achievements include the implementation of a system to support the recruitment and rotation of the 14,000 crew on Carnival's 11-liner fleet. It has significantly reduced manning gaps, improved data integrity, and cut the error rate and subsequent rework. Wood and his team have also implemented pervasive WiFi on the ships to enhance the guest experience.