At public sector service partnership Orbis, CIO Matthew Scott has been building tech and digital capability and credibility for three local authorities (East Sussex, Surrey and Brighton & Hove Councils) that serve an area with a population of two million people.

During 2017 Scott exploited existing investments to drive high levels of resilience and quality service. His function relocated the data centre estate to a dedicated Orbis-run facility that has eliminated significant disruption to council service provision. They migrated 10,300 IBM Notes staff accounts and 8,900 mailboxes to the Microsoft cloud, and enabled staff in the partnership councils to work as a unified single function without replacing the existing platforms through Microsoft ADFS, corporate WiFi and Citrix access.

Scott and his team have also delivered multiple initiatives that meet the growing demand from residents to access council services through digital channels. Just two examples are a new online service to report potholes and other problems with the highways that has reduced effort for both residents and services, and the creation of an adult social care portal that lets adult residents and carers find out if they are likely to qualify for financial support.

Scott has also been exploring analytics and data science to make Orbis smarter, more focused and more agile. Deliverables so far include the rollout of a data visualisation/discovery tool and a data manipulation tool. Robotic process automation and machine learning are also in full swing, with, for example, sentiment analysis using keyword extraction.