At kitchen equipment maker BSH Home Appliances UK and Ireland, IT infrastructure and systems, e-commerce, innovation, CRM and digital all come under the control of e-business director Mike Faiers.

Over the past 12 months, his recruitment of key users from across the business to provide direct feedback and influence the development of technology, digital landscape and systems has had considerable success. The 40 'e-business partners' are not just his beta testers for new technology and functionality, they're also users from every BSH team and department who provide feedback on the applications they use every day. The result has been a reduction in support calls and time to market for new solutions as the partners are the first wave in every rollout, and their increased knowledge makes them their colleagues' first port of call for IT troubleshooting. Their recruitment has been particularly beneficial during an ongoing enterprise rollout of Windows 10 and Office 2016 (from Windows 7 and Office 2007), which has occasioned no loss of productivity and generated excellent user feedback.

Innovation during the year has included the use of a 3D camera and virtual reality to train new forklift truck drivers before they've even stepped into the warehouse. This cuts the training time for new drivers by around 30% and allows existing drivers to take refresher courses without any impact on warehouse productivity.

He has also been experimenting with RFID tags to track the return of components by field engineers. Currently an engineer goes to each repair job equipped with all possible components, so hundreds of parts are returned and reallocated every day in a labour-intensive process. The RFID solution should slash the time taken for component restocking and reduce manual errors.

His other notable achievements during the year include replacing dated consumer websites with versions more in keeping with consumer expectations. Since the launch, website traffic and dwell time have risen and bounce rate plummeted. His launch of a simplified, consumer-facing e-commerce store has seen revenues soar.