With digitisation now adopted as a core strategic goal at Tata Steel, its Director of IT and vendor management Nick Reeks has been preparing the company for ICT transformation.

Within operations, he has addressed the lack of quality real-time data by moving to the cloud-based ServiceNow platform for managing incidents/problems/changes and requests to transition, and providing instant feedback on the state of services. Process simplification and improved reporting are now feasible.

More broadly, to drive the shift in digital capabilities of sales and marketing, Reeks and his team have been working to extend the e-sales catalogues and platforms. With the expansion of the e-commerce platform, he has focused the operational team on understanding and planning for service transition, particularly the interaction of the new digital services with the existing legacy landscape.

IoT is now being tested at the Ijmuiden site, with Port Talbot proposed for rollout. The goal is to capture more monitoring and sensor data to drive improvements in operations and engineering.

Reeks has also established a big data sales and manufacturing environment in Azure. Moving to the cloud for this is a marked departure for Tata, and engages the business and IT in an agile-based project.