The forms-driven operations of car insurer AutoProtect have proven fertile business optimisation territory for its Head of IT, Nisha Manaktala, whose changes to key business capabilities have sent customer satisfaction scores soaring.

Her introduction of an app enabling customers and policyholders to submit all claims information electronically has hugely reduced the number of data omissions and multiple phone calls to the business. And the development of an online claims submission platform for car repairers also promises to reduce time spent per claim and phone calls into the business.

Manaktala has eliminated a slow, tedious, resource-intensive, paper-based onboarding process. The manual system was error-prone, with incorrect pricing and commission information having the potential to cost the business dear. The digital onboarding process centrally captures all relevant information and supporting documentation, and supports e-signatures, slashing onboarding turnaround time and the number of errors and omissions.

Her deployment of a customer portal has also given AutoProtect clients an upsell opportunity, as well as offering policyholders a central storage area for all their policy documents that is accessible 24/7.