When Northwood & Wepa CIO Paul Boardman joined the bathroom tissue and kitchen towel supplier in 2015, almost half of its employees were dissatisfied with IT at the organisation, which was then running Windows XP on servers bought on eBay.

Boardman made it his mission to modernise the business so it could profitably leverage technology, manage risks and improve staff productivity. He removed Windows XP and Office 365 and deployed cloud services including Office365 and build collaboration capabilities. The enhanced ability to access up-to-date information and share it with Tesco helped Northwood & Wepa to the award of Most Collaborative Supplier 2017.

Boardman also spent much time walking the production and warehousing floors at the company's biggest product plant, and worked with site leadership teams to identify issues with network communications before leading a complete renewal of the local networks within the plant. The changes allowed Northwood & Wepa connect two new multimillion production lines quickly and securely and will support plans to harness the power of data analytics in the future.