Paul Brocklehurst, CIO at the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, enabled business process change during 2017 while introducing new ways of working and technology and laying the foundations for future innovation.

Analysis from the core tech systems has allowed Brocklehurst to identify opportunities for considerable waste reduction (and therefore cost-cutting) in processes. His team's delivery of claims portals for all customers and representatives has dramatically speeded up the process of making a claim for compensation by removing print/mail/scan activities, and has given customers direct access to information about their claim. The now largely digital submission of claims has captured large savings and increased customer satisfaction.

The introduction of new working practices blended agile development with a new requirements methodology and improved requirements management. The result has been high-speed delivery along with a continuing focus on improving quality and business engagement.

Brocklehurst has also implemented a data-driven approach to management decision-making, using new data extraction, collation and automated reporting capabilities. And he has proved the viability of robotics in automating elements of the claims process, with implementation the next step.