Group CIO Rob Houghton's team are connecting services across the Post Office portfolio, creating compelling customer value propositions that provide significant competitive advantage and incremental value.

For the past 12 months, Houghton and his team have been transforming the way that Post Office works, from customer contact to back office - treating APIs as key IT building blocks, improving flexibility and security by moving data to the cloud, innovating and reusing ideas and applications, and working within the organisation to influence a think digital culture.

Business innovation teams and IT have worked collaboratively, introducing hackathons to innovate and showcase speed of development of mobile apps to make it easier for customers to access a wide range of services. The team are also using leading edge low code development tools which has accelerated app development. Device-agnostic thin-client technology is being developed for Post Office branches, delivering multichannel customer journeys in the key area of mails services. Driving digital transformation has already had a significant impact helping to reduce costs and increase revenue opportunities.

The Post Office business and IT team have also brought together numerous HR systems into a single self-service platform that is also available on mobile devices. It allows employees to access training, view payslips, update personal info, find and view colleague contacts in one place and at a time of their own choosing.