The Manchester Arena attack in May 2017 gave instant proof of Chief Information Officer Rose Slater-Carr's redevelopment of the British Red Cross website last year to squeeze the drop-out rate and make it robust and scalable. The fundraising concert for victims a fortnight after the stadium bombing generated 2.8 million website hits in a day compared with the usual 25,000 in a weekend, allowing the charity to process millions of pounds in donations.

During the past 12 months, Slater-Carr and her team had been introducing digital innovation and much improved data and insight for the charity as well as fixing the basics and responding to user needs. They built a support portal for IT and HR requests, and a data insight portal to assess the impact of the organisation's work.

Developments in 2017 include a simple app to allow volunteers to easily input the issue and return of wheelchairs, helping facilitate wheelchair loans, and a first-aid Alexa skill to build on the success of a first-aid app. She is also investigating the use of robot pets to support lonely and vulnerable people. Other innovations include exploring fintech tools such as blockchain to allow supporters to donate cash internationally immediately and with minimum fraud.