Seth Profit, CIO of logistics business B&H Worldwide and its software and services arm B&H InTech, has burst beyond the bounds of the IT function to immerse himself fully in the business itself. For Profit is also the managing director of the company, and in 2017 took over all its sales and marketing functions.

His list of achievements for the past 12 months is as long as it is solid. He sold one of InTech's biggest outsource contracts to a major e-commerce provider (freeing up the team to take on a large ERP replacement programme in 2018), completed the bulk of a move of local infrastructure to IaaS, beefed up security measures (tools, policies and procedures) across the organisation in preparation for GDPR, continued upgrading the operations and billing system, and set up a development and support outsourcing team in India (allowing the competitive development of middleware for an e-commerce provider).

Perhaps even more importantly, Profit used 2017 to implement the first phase of a BI system, allowing management to make business decisions quickly. The tool has already paid for itself by allowing analysts to identify where are margins are eroding and tracking efficiencies in invoicing customers.

And his 2017 implementation of a cloud-based HR system has centralised B&H's HR and training records, which is key to compliance and certification. The cloud solution has eliminated four legacy products and improved the visibility of staff requiring training.