Digital disruption is the name of Simon Kniveton's game. The CIO and information systems/services director at Orridge and Vennersys has been targeting cloud, data mining and analytics, the internet of things, RFID and wearables to get the supply chain and stock control specialist's nose in front in the sectors it operates in.

Kniveton and his team have reinvented a traditional server-based infrastructure and product set that was expensive to sell, implement and maintain, and replaced it with an agile scalable cloud-based solution. The effect has been to move the development model on from high investment and long lead times, bringing in affordable, pay-as-you-go projects. ROI is typically within a year. The technology delivery roadmap has been transformed, with agile three-week sprints regularly delivering demonstrable business advances.

In online ticketing and Epos services, his function has shifted to cloud-based integrated solutions optimised for mobile and multichannel, and deployed RFID and IoT. The result has been more reliable solutions and year-on-year revenue growth in a competitive market. Likewise in the retail sector, his pioneering of voice-led wearable technology for the field workforce has enabled employee productivity gains. And a substantial investment in data mining and analytics has led to new ways of rewarding and motivating the workforce.

Kniveton believes voice counting will be the next big game-changer for the company. He is leading the way with wearable technologies such as voice interfaces, Alexa integration, IoT, RFID, payment profiling (by implementing token-based payment systems that can track online and onsite purchases and join them together in single view).