Application delivery specialist A10 Networks is tapping into the growing interest in IPv6 by launching a range of migration products aimed at carriers and ISPs looking to help their users move to the new technology.

There's a growing awareness about IPv6 as registry agencies are beginning to run out of IPv4 addresses and carriers are looking to migrate their customers to the newer technology before the supply of v4 addresses is exhausted - expected to be sometime around the middle of next year.

A10 has released two products in its AX Series range to support this migration: a large-scale NAT platform (LSN)and a Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite) offering. According to A10, LSN builds on the well-known NAT model for extending IPv4 addresses which means that the users of the product are working on a standardised NAT format. The company claimed that it also offered consistency in handling greater traffic variations, as well as fairness in resource sharing.

Dual Stack Lite, which is one of several new breed of traffic migration products , outsources customer premises equipment (CPE) NAT capabilities to carrier devices, thus keeping the translation down to a single layer. The technology encapsulates IPv4 traffic into IPv6 protocols - as well as offering native IPv6 forwarding capabilities.

Lee Chen, A10's CEO, said DS-Lite had been selected as the migration technology over other options as it was the simplest to use as well as the most popular.