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Anya Hindmarch is migrating to a hybrid cloud platform which will reduce costs and drive business growth, the CIO of the luxury handbag and accessories retailer says.

Dan Orteu said it will meet the demands of the business, which has a presence in over 45 countries, without having to invest in additional infrastructure to deal with "spikes" in usage while combining the flexibilty and efficiency of the public cloud with the security and control of the on-premise data centre.

The hybrid cloud platform will make it easier for staff in the UK and Japan to collaborate, as well as improving the retailer's efficiency and productivity to enable future business growth.

Orteu said that the future for Anya Hindmarch was ensuring the business and hybrid cloud platform, which the retailer delivered with the help of technical partners Conosco, was secure and scalable, while also reducing costs and with disaster recovery built in to the package.

He said: "Anya's growing network will have a resilient disaster recovery solution in place and this is non-negotiable. This enables faster a disaster recovery of the businesses critical IT system without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site."

The CIO said the company's focus was to truly have a "scalable and robust IT infrastructure" while also reducing the costs of their off-site backups.

He said: "We want to put in place a very effective business continuity and disaster recovery plan which will ensure the business continues to grow rapidly both in the UK and abroad."