BT Tower 1[1]

BT has announced its cloud computing service called Virtual Data Centre (VDC) at the Handelsblatt Telecommunications Market Europe conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The British telco said the product's key differentiator is that VDC offers servers, storage, networks and security that is orchestrated and automatically provisioned through its online portal. Customers can change the infrastructure easily in real-time throughout the duration of the contract through the portal. BT customers will also be able to virtualise many of their networking and IT needs to the required service levels.

As part of the BT VDC offering, customers will be able to purchase virtualised components and access them over a pre-provisioned infrastructure. Virtual server, storage, security and networking capabilities will be available, automated and orchestrated through an online portal and supported by a single service desk.

"BT VDC will deliver a new and enhanced customer experience. Having the click-to-build and buy facility will give them flexibility and ease of provisioning. Deployment times will also be reduced from months to weeks resulting in further cost savings and efficiencies," said Hanif Lalani, chief executive of BT Global Services.

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