Nearly half of enterprises that use cloud providers admit that they might struggle to pass a compliance audit when it comes to cloud data. And, according to a new survey, 16 percent of companies know that there are potential banana skins in their cloud set-ups but would have little idea as to how identify them.

The Access Assurance Survey from compliance software company Courion found that 48 percent of respondents were not confident that a compliance audit of their cloud-based applications would show that all user access was appropriate. Furthermore, 78 percent of respondents said that they could not identify the individual within their company responsible for securing cloud data.

The survey also revealed that companies were unsure as to which employees within an organisation had to access to various systems or applications. 61.2% of respondents said they have limited or no knowledge of which software employees could access.

In particular, companies highlighted the problems of 'zombie accounts', access remaining open after employees had left their organisations. Sixty four percent of organisations said they were not confident of preventing former employees from accessing company software – an increase on last year's figure. However, external breaches remain more of a concern for organisations – 56 percent highlighted it as the biggest security threat.