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Domino’s Pizza in the UK is now using Rackspace hybrid hosting services to run its public-facing customer order site.

Domino's online payment gateway, corporate email, back office systems and company intranet are now all linked through RackConnect.

In recent results Domino’s said that online business increased 43 percent year-on-year, and this is continuing to rise. Colin Rees, Domino's IT Director, said: "As at 24 June, more than 52 percent of our UK delivered sales were taken online, so having a reliable hosting solution is absolutely essential.

"To maintain our current growth trajectory and to keep improving our customer experience we needed to outsource our hosting infrastructure."

RackConnect enables Domino's to select which applications are placed where in the managed hosting infrastructure. So, for example, business applications that require a particularly high level of security, such as its e-commerce platform, can be hosted on a more secure, dedicated physical hardware.

Domino’s now says it will use the on-demand scalability of the Rackspace Cloud for developing new smartphone or tablet applications, or scaling up by adding new virtual servers to handle the increased traffic demands of a big digital marketing campaign.