cloud storage

Fulham Football Club is moving its databases into the cloud with Carrenza's database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering.

The Premiership club has a varied and complex database infrastructure supporting a wide range of applications that was previously supported by Fulham’s internal IT team.

Following a review of internal roles and procedures and because of an identified skills gap within the team, the club took the decision to move the databases into the cloud.

Spencer Haywood, head of IT at Fulham Football Club, said: "The recruitment process to find the required skills would have been lengthy to ensure value for money, so we looked to outsource this particular service to avoid the risk and expense of recruiting, re-skilling and training up new employees. Carrenza offered a service that gave us exactly what we needed."

As well as the ability to close the staffing and skills gap Fulham will benefit from full monitoring that ensures it is able to see minimal downtime.

Additionally, because many of its key operations are seasonal and will experience a number of peaks and troughs throughout the year - for example with ticket sales - it also needed a system that was flexible enough to handle such fluctuations.

Haywood said: "Carrenza's agile solution is able to adapt to meet those demanding and extremely complex needs, which other cloud providers weren't able to do."

Carrenza will be looking after the football club's Microsoft SQL stack of databases, many of which play a critical role in the business activities of the organisation, such as ticketing, stadium access controls and financial systems. In addition to this, a range of smaller databases will be managed to support areas such as player medical records.

Other Carrenza clients include Comic Relief, eBay, Cineworld, Haymarket Media and RBS.