The Greater London Authority (GLA) has deployed a cloud-based incident management system to help deal with issues like major traffic crashes, street protests, fires or even terrorist attacks.

The GLA is using the Xactium Incident Manager platform to enable the effective tracking, management and escalation of issues. GLA partners, including the London Resilience Team (LRT) and local authorities, are using the scalable cloud system to track, manage and report on issues arising across London.

The Incident Manager application maintains a central “single version of the truth” on all issues as they are dealt with, and ensures each issue is allocated for resolution quickly and efficiently through in-built workflows.

The system provides all those with access to the system with full visibility of up-to-the-minute management information.

The Incident Manager application is supplied as a software-as-a-service solution and is built on top of the platform, with the application IP belonging to Xactium.

The app was configured in line with the GLA's needs and no extra hardware is required as it works through a web browser. The app provides an online incident portal, which supports real-time dashboards.

As well as major incidents, the portal can also be used to manage compensation and insurance claims made against the GLA.

All data is stored on Salesforce's secure public cloud. Access to the system is charged on a per user basis, at £600 per user a year.

Vincent Fihosy, city operations programme director at Greater London Authority, said, "The Xactium system provides the GLA and its partners with a flexible and resilient information management solution, facilitating effective issue management, monitoring and reporting across multiple service areas."

Earlier this year the GLA said it was using network emulation software to ensure the resilience of its web and networked applications across the organisation.

The GLA deployed iTrinegy’s INE for Windows system to run performance tests on applications so that users receive a good experience. The tests cover web apps, client/server systems, Citrix-delivered apps and voice over IP (VoIP).