Joyent, a cloud provider that counts LinkedIn among its customers, is launching its services in Europe today.

The launch of Joyent Cloud Europe is driven by demand from the company’s North American customers looking to grow their European business, it said.

“Many of our Joyent Cloud customers have experienced significant growth based on the superior user experience and performance we deliver on Joyent Cloud,” said Steve Tuck, executive VP and general manager of Joyent Cloud.

“As they expand into Europe they want the same level of real-time computing performance as in the US.”

The new cloud service is based on Joyent’s cloud infrastructure platform, SmartDataCenter.

It also provides an in-house developed operating system, SmartOS, which offers operating system virtualisation, security services and server-side Javascript language Node.js. This emerging language is said to enable more efficient machine-to-machine and big data computing.

As well as offering in-depth analytics services, allowing users a transparent view of their stack, Joyent said it delivers real-time performance, scalability and high levels of reliability.

In one customer testimonial, StackMob, a US-based start-up in the mobile application development space, said it decided to use the Joyent cloud after comparing the performance speed with other public cloud providers.

"We looked in a terminal window and literally saw how much faster Joyent Cloud's performance was than Amazon's EC2. Our customers need that," said Ty Amell, co-founder and CEO of StackMob.

The new cloud service will be located in Amsterdam.