A power outage on Microsoft Azure has hit organisations using the cloud service globally, including the government's CloudStore.

The G-Cloud programme's recently opened Version 1.0 of the CloudStore, to showcase the cloud offerings of accredited SME and larger suppliers to the public sector. More than 1,700 cloud services provided by 257 suppliers are currently on the website.

The government has been proud of the fact that it took advantage of the benefits of a cloud platform to get CloudStore up and running in less than four weeks. It was built for free by UK SME SolidSoft. Meanwhile, Chris Chant, director of the government's G-Cloud programme has confirmed that the next iteration of the CloudStore will be based on open source software.

In a message on Twitter, a G-Cloud representative said: "Power outage on microsoft azure means #cloudstore is temporarily unavailable. Patch being applied so will update when normal service resumed."

According to media reports, the Azure Service Management system has been down since 1:45 GMT, and Microsoft said that a worldwide hotfix is currently being rolled out.

Microsoft has attributed the problem to a "cert issue" that was "triggered on 2/20/2012 GMT" – the extra day in the leap year.

The company had not yet replied to a request for comment at time of writing.