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Norfolk County Council is tendering for a cloud-based IT services contract worth up to £100 million over a seven-year period.

The council is seeking to establish a five-year framework agreement with a single provider, which may be extended for a further two years. The authority has stressed it doesn't see the tender as an outsourcing move as it wants the winning bidder to work closely with its own internal IT department.

The deal will be worth between £18 million and £100 million, the council said, depending on the length of the framework and the number of departments and other local bodies that access it.

Norfolk County Council has deployed the cloud-based Google Apps for Education system to 148,000 registered users, including school staff and children, with a buffer for leavers and joiners. So it's new cloud framework tender ties in with this deployment.

"The council and its partners - including schools - wish to engage with a strategic technology partner which will implement a secure, resilient cloud-based environment hosting the council's systems," said Norfolk.

The council said it wanted its partner to work with it to "roll-out a modern client computing infrastructure providing end users with a choice of devices - including desktops, laptops, and tablets - to access up-to-date office productivity software, email and social media services, modern remote working capabilities and collaborative working facilities".

The provider will also implement a federated identity management service to allow allow users and organisations to authenticate themselves across agencies.

In addition, the supplier will deploy a "Norfolk Information Centre", an information hub that will integrate information from across the council, its partners and public sources, and "support better decision-making, through providing facilities such as data visualisation and predictive analytics".

The framework will be accessible by other public bodies in the Norfolk area, said the council.

The lower £18 million framework figure is the estimated value of the spend for Norfolk County Council and the organisations - excluding schools - to whom it currently provides services to - principally Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Breckland District Council and the Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee, over a five-year period.

The higher £100 million figure covers a seven-year period and includes schools and an estimate for use of the framework by other contracting authorities.

The council will send out invitations to tender to selected interested suppliers on July 15.