Businesses are “clearly not” able to use the public cloud for all of their enterprise requirements, according to UBS bank’s security CTO.

It is more likely that there will be a growth in industry-specific clouds, said Chris Swan. “There is a level of assurance that I don’t think the public cloud at the moment can provide,” he told The 451 Group’s Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit in London. “We will see more and more industry cloud provision.”

Swan’s comments echo those of VMware’s president Tod Nielsen, who recently said that the average enterprise will put some of their workload in the public cloud, but they will put most of it into their private cloud.

Organisations have to think about their data before doing anything in the cloud, and Swan said that the first stage of this is straightforward.

“Your public data is easy. If it is on a public-facing website, then you can put it in the cloud. But it is the next layer in that many organisations are thinking about at the moment,” he said.

He added that businesses should not be too worried about ensuring continuous availability of data. “People who do this will not depend on one cloud provider to ensure availability. They will have an architecture that goes across multiple cloud providers,” Swan said.

However, Swan said that in terms of cloud security, there was an urgent need to focus on application security. “Our spending is wrong at the moment. We are spending 80 percent of the money on 20 percent of the problem. All the recent data breaches were application data breaches. We need to focus on application security,” he urged.